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Federal Government of Canada Jobs in 2023 – Apply Now


Federal Government of Canada Jobs in 2023: The Canadian government just posted more than 800 new job openings for 2023. Candidates are asked to read the details of each Canadian Government Job Post and apply for it by February 28, 2023.

There are a lot of high-paying jobs with the Canadian government that is open right now. Experts with education and experience are asked to apply for these permanent jobs in Canada. Follow the article to learn about the salaries, benefits, application processes, required credentials, and titles of some of the best jobs out there.


List of Federal Government of Canada Jobs in 2023

Income Packages of Canadian Government Jobs

Different jobs in the Canadian government have different limits on how much you can earn. There are different kinds of salaries. In some situations, a fixed income is given every month.


For some jobs, staff members are paid by the hour, which allows them to make more money by working extra hours if they want to. A lot of workers will get pay and other benefits like the ones below:

Salary ranges from CAD$ 20 per hour to CAD$ 150,000 per year.
Home facility or payment for renting a home
Family members or individual health care costs or life insurance
Cut funding for children’s education
Opportunities for international employees to get rewards and good press
Depending on how high up an employee is in the Canadian federal government, they get different benefits from their job. Most workers get paid, get property facilities or allocations, have health insurance, and get help with their energy costs.

Federal Government of Canada Jobs in 2023 - Apply Now
Federal Government of Canada Jobs in 2023 – Apply Now

Application Instructions for Canadian Government Jobs

Follow the steps below to ask for work from the Canadian government:

Here are some job openings with links to apply for them.
Read the job description and requirements carefully.
Make a list of the files you need.
Click the link that says “Apply Now” on the job ad.
Fill out the fields for “here and now” with the right information.
Send in your application for a job
Wait for the Canadian Government to send you a call letter.
Apply online for government jobs in Canada
Here is a complete list of all the jobs the Canadian government has to offer in the month of February:

Student Jobs in Quebec Government

The Quebec Government Jobs for Students will be a very important part of the work program for the Canadian government. The Income Tax Auditor will be in charge of keeping the income tax books for businesses, such as LLCs, corporations, and partnerships. The Income Tax Auditor will do most of their work on their own time. Still, the chance of working together as a team can’t be ignored. Those who want to apply for a bilingual job must have basic English and French skills, which should be shown by their score on the Public Service Commission’s Second Language Test (CBC/CBC) (SLE).

To be eligible for the program, the applicants must also have a lot of experience with Canadian Income Tax Compliance. The salary range for the job is between $88,261 and $107,249.

International Tax Auditor Investigator

The International Tax Auditor will work on a global scale because he or she will be responsible for auditing the taxes of multinational corporations, partnerships, and trusts. The International Tax Auditor will make sure that these trusts, corporations, and partnerships are following the rules that the agency has set. For an English position, the candidate must meet the minimum language requirements of English Essentials. For a bilingual position, the candidate must also get a CBC/CBC on the Second Language Evaluation (SLE) test from the General Public Service Commission.

The applicant must meet the minimum education requirements for Auditing set by the CRA. This includes having a designation from a known accounting association or a degree from a reputable postsecondary organization. This placement can bring in anywhere from $88,261 to $107,249.

Tax Avoidance Auditor

The Canadian Government needs someone with a good reputation for this job because it takes a lot of courage and personality. The person will have to do tax audits of companies, partnerships, trusts, and wealthy people who have set up plans to avoid paying taxes. The Canadian government loses a lot of money when people don’t pay their taxes. Because of this, this setting has more value. The Tax Avoidance Auditor’s job is to make sure that the tax rules set by the agency are followed.

This placement brings in between $88,261 and $107,249. The Tax Avoidance Auditor must show English Essentials for the English setting or a (CBC/CBC) score from the Second Language Evaluation (SLE) test given by the General Public Service Commission. The only academic requirement for the job is a certification from an accounting organization or a level in Auditing from a college or university.

Registered Nurse-Community Health

The Registered Nurse’s main job will be to spread knowledge around the medical care setting that he or she runs. The Registered Nurse will have professional knowledge, take on leadership roles, and use good nursing skills and knowledge to help the patients get better.

The Registered Nurse’s annual salary ranges from $96,747 to $148,590, which includes all allowances. The position requires that you have worked as a Registered Nurse for at least two years in the last five years.

Student Indegenious work as Others, cashiers, and admins

The position is open at the Banff Hot Springs, which wants to keep the water safe and give visitors the best experiences possible. The Cashier will be in charge of greeting guests, keeping the park centers in good shape, and keeping an eye on cleaning tasks. The Cashier will also handle basic cashier tasks and be in charge of keeping track of the pool’s profits.

The applicant must show that they know how to speak and write in English. They can do this by taking the English Essentials test or getting a (CBC/CBC) rating on the Public Service Commission’s Second Language Evaluation (SLE) Test. High school graduation is the minimum requirement for the job. The hourly wage ranges from $23.20 to $25.21.

Nurse Practitioner Jobs in Canada

The Nurse Practitioner will be involved directly in every step of the treatment. The Nurse Practitioner will give the patients medical care that meets the standards for nurses. The Nurse Practitioners can use their experience to recommend medical tests, diagnoses, and treatments. They can also recommend medications and teach the patient’s family about how to prevent disease or how serious the condition is.

The Nurse Practitioner has a range of income from $96,747 to $148,590, which includes all of the allowances they get. Two years of experience as a registered nurse in the last five years is the minimum requirement for the job.

Registered Nurse-Public Health Jobs in Canada

The Registered Nurse for Public Health will not be in charge of doing normal nursing tasks. On the contrary, the registered nurse will be in charge of making comprehensive health programs that are meant to keep people in the community healthy and safe. The Registered Nurse needs to be a great communicator because health programs will be made in partnership with community members and other important people.

When everything is taken into account, the Registered Nurse for Public Health can make between $96,747 and $148,590. The Registered Nurse must have worked as a nurse for at least two years in the last five years.

Registered Nurse Case Manager Jobs in Canada

The Charge Nurse is mostly in charge of making sure that patients are safe and getting good care. The Charge Nurse is a very important person in the medical stations. The Charge Nurse will also be responsible for making good connections at the healthcare station, coming up with new ways to care for patients, and giving the management and administration of the healthcare station the help they need.

In this setting, the income ranges from $96,747 to $148,590. Like the last message, the Charge Nurse is expected to have worked as a nurse for at least two years in the last five years.

Facility Cleaner/Janitor Jobs in Canada

At the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, the Facility Cleaner/Janitor will work. The person needs to be in charge of keeping the place clean for people who come to visit. The Facility Cleaner/Janitor will have to clean the Green Point Campground and all of its buildings, centers, grounds, showers, and bathrooms.

There are no specific qualifications needed for the job, but you must have experience in cleaning services. The hourly pay rate is between $19.83 and $21.58.

 Financial Assistant Jobs in Canada

The Financial Assistant will be in charge of giving the management and administration the help they need with financial tasks. It needs to know a lot about economic metrics and how to use the tools that are needed for information monitoring. Any candidate who has actually finished high school will be able to apply for the job.

Maintenance Worker II Jobs in Canada

The Worker in Maintenance will definitely work at Fort Langley. The Maintenance Worker will definitely be in charge of maintenance tasks at Fort Langley. The main goal of the Maintenance Worker is to make sure that visitors have a good time when they come. The person in charge of the Maintenance Worker will be the Asset Support Technician.

The Maintenance Worker must have a high school diploma or a combination of education, experience, and training. The hourly rate is between $24.26 and $26.37.

Maintenance Worker III

The person applying must have finished high school or have a relevant mix of education, training, and/or experience. The hourly pay ranges from $25.94 to $28.19 for this job.

PRIME Application Support-Inventory

The candidate will be expected to work with other people. The group will be asked to help police and civilian groups with things related to PRIME. PRIME is a system that records information from police documents. The candidate could be asked to work in Surrey, which is where PRIME is based.

The candidate must have a high school diploma or the equivalent in education, training, or experience. The pay ranges from $63,720 to $77,523 for this job.

Biologist Jobs in Canada

The Inventory-Biologist will work at Fisheries and Oceans Canada in more than 400 different places. The Inventory Biologist will be responsible for a variety of tasks. Aquaculture, Aquatic Invasive Species, Freshwater Ecology, Genomics, Hydrography, Marine Ecology, Oceanography, Stock Assessment, and Species at Risk are all areas where the employee will work.

The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in the natural, physical, applied or life sciences from a well-known college or university. English Essentials is the language you need. For both jobs, this is how much money you can make:

BI-02 ($ 65,662 to $89,411).
BI-03 ($ 82,579 to $106,319).

Deadline Federal Government of Canada Jobs in 2023


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