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Engro Corporation Jobs 2024 – Multiple Job

A well-known company in the energy industry, Engro Energy Limited, has announced a number of exciting job openings in a number of areas. The company wants skilled and active people to join their teams at different spot offices. Here is a full list of the open jobs and how to apply for them.

Details of Engro Corporation Jobs 2024 – Multiple Job

Assistant Manager Admin and Security at Nabisar Site Office

For their Nabisar Site Office, Engro Energy Limited is looking for a contract Assistant Manager of Administration and Security. Those who are interested should have either a BBA and 5–7 years of experience or an MBA and 2–3 years of experience. For this job, you need to really care about safety and security. The person who gets the job will work with people from different departments, make the best use of resources, and promote continuous growth through assessments and audits.

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Assistant Manager QA/QC at Thar Site Office

The job of Assistant Manager QA/QC at the Thar Site Office is open at Engro Energy Limited and is a great chance. People who have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Geology and two to three years of experience in the field are urged to apply. Leading QA/QC efforts, making sure Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) rules are followed, and controlling the quality of coal production are all part of the job.

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Deputy Manager Procurement

A Deputy Manager of Procurement is also being hired by Engro Energy Limited. The company wants people with a BE, BBA, or MBA and 5 to 7 years of experience. The person who gets the job will speed up important materials, manage top vendors, and help make the company’s procurement plan. It’s best if you have experience with SAP MM and SAP Ariba.

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Medical Doctor for Thar Site Clinic

Engro Energy is looking for a skilled doctor to work as a contract worker at their Thar site center. This is a one-of-a-kind chance to lead transformative care, promote healthy habits that keep people healthy, and push medical innovation at the Thar site. The job is perfect for a medical worker who wants to make a big difference in a tough setting.

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Treasury Department Team Player

Engro Energy is looking for someone who can work well with others to join their Treasury department. As part of the job, you’ll help with insurance, managing cash flow, and handling invoices, all while working well with others. This is a great chance for professionals who want to move up in their jobs in a fast-paced setting.

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  • Diverse Opportunities: The variety of jobs, from administrative duties to specific technical roles, makes it possible for people with a wide range of skills and qualifications to find good opportunities.
  • Professional Growth: Jobs like Assistant Manager of Administration and Security, Deputy Manager of Procurement, and those in QA/QC and the Treasury Department offer great chances to move up in a reputable company and improve your skills.
  • Enhancing Experience: Applicants can get useful experience in the energy field by working for a well-known company known for its green initiatives and cutting-edge methods.
  • Job Security: Engro Energy Limited is a well-known business that offers its employees stability and the chance to work there for a long time.
  • Impactful Work: As a Medical Doctor for the Thar Site Clinic or an Assistant Manager QA/QC, you can make a real difference in the community and the environment by supporting health, safety, and quality standards.
  • Professional Network: Working at Engro Energy Limited gives you the chance to work with seasoned professionals from different areas, which helps you build your professional network.
  • Getting Skilled Workers: Engro Energy Limited can make sure they hire the best workers by posting jobs for a wide range of roles and skill levels. This way, they can get a lot of qualified applicants.
  • Better operational efficiency: Hiring experts in quality control, procurement, management, and security can make things run more smoothly, boost efficiency, and keep standards high.
  • Promoting Safety and Quality: Hiring professionals whose sole job is to ensure safety, security, and quality helps the business meet strict standards for health, safety, and the environment.
  • Innovations in Medical Care: Hiring a skilled doctor for the Thar site clinic can improve the health care services for workers, making them healthier and more productive.
  • Good Resource Management: Jobs like Deputy Manager Procurement and Treasury Department are very important for good resource management and financial planning. This can help the company save money and have better financial health.
  • Community Engagement: By making jobs available, especially in places like Thar, Engro Energy Limited supports community growth and participation, which boosts the company’s good name and social responsibility efforts.


Engro Energy Limited has a wide range of job openings that are perfect for skilled professionals in many areas who want to move up in their careers. If you join Engro, you’ll be a part of a company known for its dedication to innovation and community development, work on projects that make a difference, and improve your professional skills. Send in your application right away to join a team that cares about safety, quality, and your professional growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What types of jobs are available at Engro Energy Limited?

    ngro Energy Limited is offering positions such as Assistant Manager Admin and Security, Assistant Manager QA/QC, Deputy Manager Procurement, Medical Doctor for the Thar Site Clinic, and a Treasury Department Team Playe

  2. What benefits does Engro Energy Limited offer to its employees?

    Benefits include diverse job opportunities, professional growth, valuable experience in the energy sector, job security, impactful work, a strong professional network, and improved operational efficiency.

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