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ENGIE Jobs Opportunities – USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, and KSA


ENGIE Jobs Opportunities – USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, and KSA: Do you anticipate beginning a career in the energy sector? You have good news. Every year, ENGIE hires tens of thousands of engineers, salespeople, and oil and gas technicians for its diverse professional teams. You can apply online for vacant opportunities at Engie. The process is simple and quick, and it only takes a few minutes to complete a job application form together with your résumé, cover letter, and supporting materials.

A well-known name in the oil and gas energy sector is Engie. For a global standard in low-carbon energy and services, the company is preferred. The company’s main goal is to minimize energy use and maximize environmentally acceptable energy options in order to speed the transition to a carbon-neutral planet. Additionally, the business seeks to balance financial success with having a favorable effect on the environment and people all around the world. The engine relies on its core businesses—gas, renewable energy, and services—to provide valuable clients with competitive solutions. Over 100,000 people worldwide received work opportunities from Engie that changed their lives.



ENGIE is a global energy company that is very committed to finding energy solutions that are both responsible and good for the environment. ENGIE is at the forefront of new ideas and clean energy projects. It has a foothold in more than 70 countries. If you want to make a good difference in the world and are looking for a rewarding job, ENGIE is a great place to start.


Why Choose ENGIE?

  1. Diverse Career Paths: ENGIE has a wide range of job opportunities, from engineering and project management to customer service and green energy. No matter what you’re good at or what you’re interested in, you can work at ENGIE.
  2. Global Reach: With offices in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, and KSA, ENGIE gives you the chance to work on foreign projects with a team of talented people from different backgrounds.
  3. Sustainability: ENGIE is committed to finding energy options that are good for the environment. By working here, you’ll help make the future more green and sustainable..
  4. Innovation: ENGIE encourages its workers to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to energy problems.

Details About ENGIE Jobs Opportunities – USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, and KSA

Company NameEngie
Job LocationUSA, UK, Australia, France, Canada, UAE, KSA
NationalityAll Nationalities can Apply
EducationEquivalent Diploma/Degree
ExperienceExperienced are preferred
Salary RangeTo be discussed [Depend upon job title]
Employee BenefitsAttractive Job Benefits & Perks

Engie is based in New York City and has 18 offices throughout the world. a, and a few of the hand of ENGIE Impact was established to work with executives and organizational leaders to set customized strategies and precise roadmaps to achieve their sustainability and zero-carbon objectives, across energy, water, waste, and more, globally. It unites ENGIE Insight, Ecova UK, Red Engineering, and the Advisory and Advanced Analytics division of Tractebel under a single umbrella.

Latest Engie Career Opportunities and Job Openings 2024

To develop the future of energy and customer solutions, Engie is seeking talented and driven individuals. Join a productive and flexible workplace that promotes creativity and innovation to assist clients in overcoming their energy concerns both now and in the future. Engie provides excellent employment prospects for recent graduates, college students, and experienced workers alike. So, look through all of the Engie job openings and apply for the finest one:

1. Manager of the Electric Vehicle (EV) Project:

DEPARTMENT: Project Management

LOCATION: United Kingdom

2. Manager of Technical Services (Mechanical):

DEPARTMENT: Engineering / Projects

LOCATION: United Kingdom

3. Business Development Director, Lehigh Valley-based Facility Management Solution:

DEPARTMENT: Business Development / Sales / Marketing

LOCATION: United States

4. General Manager, Washington, D.C., Street Lighting:

DEPARTMENT: General Management

LOCATION: United States

5. Strategy Manager – Mechanical Services:

DEPARTMENT: Engineering / Projects

LOCATION: Australia

6. Manager of Product Operations:

DEPARTMENT: Business Development / Sales / Marketing

LOCATION: Australia

7. Electronics technician at the Montreal airport:

DEPARTMENT: Exploitation Reseaux Gaz et Electricite


8. Transformer specialist:

DEPARTMENT: R & D / Laboratories

LOCATION: Saudi Arabia

How do I apply for job openings at Engie?

If you are eager to apply online for Engie job openings, you must adhere to the guidelines listed below:

  • When you select the “Job Titles” link from the table of Engie job openings above, you will be taken to the company’s official employment portal.
  • Read the job responsibilities, job descriptions, and supporting materials.
  • Click the “Apply” button after that.
  • Once more, the Engie Taleo Careers portal will be accessed.
  • Log in to your candidate portal. If you don’t have a login ID or password, you may quickly establish one.
  • your personal and professional information

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Employment Perks & Benefits at Engie

An overview of our company’s benefits for employees based in the United States can be seen below. According to the provisions of the specific benefit plans, any or all of these benefits may be modified, removed, or replaced. Engie provides each employee with comprehensive medical and pharmaceutical coverage, offering a flexible system that enables you to choose the alternatives that best meet your needs as an individual or family. BlueCross Blue Shield of Illinois manages the medical and health programs, and Caremark offers a pharmaceutical plan. The following are the main advantages and bonuses of working for Engie:

  • Attractive Rewards and Incentive Programs
  • Health and medical insurance coverage under a 401(k) plan
  • Vision and Dental Insurance
  • Coverage for Both Short-Term and Long-Term Disability
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Assistance Program (LAP)
  • Pension Scheme
  • Holidays, Sick Leave, and Annual Leave
  • employee rebates
  • Work-at-Home Possibilities
  • Parenthood and Maternity Leave Bicycle at Work Program
  • Return on Education


It has never been easier to find satisfying jobs in the energy industry. With its global reach and commitment to sustainability, ENGIE is a great place to move up in your job and help the world at the same time. Explore the different job openings in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, and KSA, and take the first step toward an interesting future with ENGIE.

People Also Ask

  • What is the company culture like at ENGIE?

    ENGIE encourages its employees to share their thoughts and skills as part of a culture of collaboration and openness.

  • Does ENGIE offer training and development programs?

    Yes, ENGIE does invest in its employees’ professional growth by giving a variety of training programs that can help you move up in your career.

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