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Amazon Warehouse Worker Jobs in New York for International

Warehouse jobs in New York are a good way to start a career or get extra money on the side while you’re in school, looking for work, or even if you already have a stable main job. We can see from the database from past years that warehouse workers made an average of $16 an hour, which isn’t too much or too little. However, warehouse workers’ average pay went up to $23 an hour at the beginning (source: USA Bureau of Labor Statistics).

There are also a number of other good things about working as a warehouse worker or associate in New York. There are steady job opportunities for warehouse workers in New York and across the USA, especially if you’re looking for seasonal or temporary work. Warehouse workers are needed in many industries, and the number of warehouses is growing thanks to the rise of e-commerce and online shopping. Finally, Amazon warehouses are in every US state, and in New York, the most common type of warehouse worker job is as an Amazon store worker.

Zippia says that Amazon warehouse workers’ wages have gone up 38% in the last 5 years. The number of warehouse worker jobs is expected to grow by 1% from 2018 to 2028. Over 1,324,545 people are working in warehouses in the United States right now. Postings for jobs show that there are 255,502 open warehouse worker positions in the US. Based on these numbers, we can say with confidence that being a warehouse worker in the United States is a good job. This job offer is for a warehouse worker position in New York, USA. It is open to people from outside the USA. Let’s learn more about the job and find the straight link to apply online!

What are Amazon Warehouse Worker Jobs?

Jobs as an Amazon warehouse worker include putting items away, organizing them, and shipping them out of Amazon delivery centers. These jobs are very important for making sure that customers get their orders quickly and correctly. Warehouse workers are an important part of the supply chain for the online giant.

Demand for Amazon Warehouse Workers in New York

Because so many people in New York want Amazon’s services, the state is a busy hub for its business. Because the business moves quickly, it needs a constant flow of warehouse workers. As the number of people who shop online keeps growing, Amazon’s delivery centers are always looking for hardworking people to join their teams.

Details of Amazon Warehouse Worker Jobs in New York for International

  • Job title: Warehouse Worker
  • Country: New York, USA.
  • Job Location: New York.
  • Employing Organization: Amazon
  • Job type: Full-time
  • Industry: Labour Jobs
  • Knowledge required: Not high
  • Experience required: Not high
  • Age limit: 18 and above
  • Free Food: Yes/No
  • Free Accommodation: Yes
  • Free Transport: No
  • Free Medical Insurance: Yes.
  • Relocation: Yes.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Salary: $18 per hour.

Requirements of Warehouse Worker Jobs in New York for International

According to the Simply Hired job offering, the following are all necessary and extra requirements for the job:

  • No minimum level of study is needed. But, based on the company, you might need to have at least a high school diploma or vocational training.
  • People who have worked in a warehouse for at least two years are preferred.
  • In a position to work in the US. Goodfellow takes part in E-Verify.
  • Write down any things you need in order to get a visa, an H1-B visa, special permissions, etc. If it applies, include details about government contracts or other special needs.
  • Check-up with a doctor before coming to the US/Medical Certificate.
  • A real job offer and contract for work
  • It’s possible that you will be asked for references.
  • You need to know how to drive a truck.
  • This job is hard on the body and needs good communication, hand-eye coordination, the ability to work quickly, and the ability to work with others.

Required Physical and Competency Skills for Amazon Warehouse Worker Jobs in New York

  • Good Communication Skills.
  • Good Organizational Skills.
  • Good Close Vision Abilities.
  • Good Distance Vision Abilities.
  • Good Close Vision Abilities.
  • Good Peripheral Vision Abilities.
  • Good Adjustment/ Focus Abilities.
  • Good Customer Service and Request Handling Capabilities.
  • Good Time Management Skills.
  • Good Mathematical Skills.
  • Know-how with forklifts and other warehouse tools and machinery.
  • Frequently move and/or lift things 10-50lbs Sometimes people move or lift things that weigh more than 100 pounds.
  • They need to stand, walk, bend, sit, crawl, and reach with their hands a lot.

Benefits of Amazon Warehouse Worker Jobs in New York for International

  • Visa Sponsorship: Visa sponsorship is a service that Amazon may offer to eligible international candidates, thereby enabling them to obtain lawful authorization to work within the United States.
  • Competitive Compensation: Amazon warehouse employees are generally remunerated competitively, in addition to potential overtime compensation and performance-driven incentives.
  • Comprehensive Benefits: A comprehensive benefits package is frequently provided to full-time Amazon employees. This package typically comprises health insurance, retirement savings plans, and additional advantages such as employee discounts on Amazon products and services.
  • Career Development Opportunities: Amazon is renowned for its culture of internal promotion and provision of career growth prospects. Warehouse employees may be afforded the opportunity to advance to more senior-level positions as the organization progresses.
  • Training and Development: Amazon offers warehouse employees training programs that cover fundamental competencies and safety protocols. International laborers who are interested in gaining experience in a new industry or environment may find this advantageous.
  • Flexible Schedules: Amazon warehouses frequently provide a range of shifts in order to accommodate the preferences and schedules of international employees, enabling them to effectively manage their work alongside other obligations or pursuits.
  • Diverse Workforce: Fostering an inclusive work environment where international employees can feel supported and welcomed, Amazon employs individuals from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Employment at Amazon grants international employees access to an extensive professional network, facilitating the formation of connections and the expansion of their professional sphere.
  • Location Benefits: The advantageous location of New York City, with its dynamic cultural milieu, multitude of attractions, and heterogeneous populace, furnishes international employees with prospects for extracurricular personal and cultural growth.
  • Enhancement of the Resume: International workers can benefit from their experience at Amazon, a multinational corporation, by gaining valuable skills and insights that can be applied to future professional endeavors.

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How to Apply for Amazon Warehouse Worker Jobs in New York for International

  • You can go to the official job search website by clicking on the link below. Then, use the button below the job description to apply.
  • If you want to cut down on your job search results, you can also use the search box and the location box. “Amazon Warehouse Workers jobs in the USA for foreigners or with visa sponsorship,” “Amazon Warehouse Operators jobs in the USA for foreigners or with visa sponsorship,” or “Amazon Logistics worker jobs in the USA for foreigners or with visa sponsorship” are some examples of job titles.
  • Find the location bar and click on NYC. It’s right next to the search bar.
  • One more way is to type “Amazon Warehouse Jobs for Foreigners in New York” into Google.
  • Because Arabic is likely to be the working language for your boss, it’s best to write your CV, resume, and cover letter in English or Arabic. Keep your resume or CV up-to-date.
  • Look over the details of the job posting, such as the work description, requirements, duties, and so on.
  • Before you apply, make sure you meet all the criteria. Carefully look over the job part and its requirements.
  • Click the button that says “Online Application” below.
  • Complete the form with the requested information and send it in.
  • Check to see if you got a proof email that your job application was received.

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International workers can get jobs in the United States by working as warehouse workers in New York for Amazon. These jobs are necessary for Amazon to do business in the state, and they offer stable pay and room for growth. Even though there are some problems, working for Amazon is a good choice for people who want to start or advance their jobs.

  1. What qualifications do I need to become an Amazon warehouse worker?

    Most of the time, applicants must be at least 18 years old, have a high school education or the equivalent, and be physically fit.

  2. What does a warehouse worker do at Amazon?

    You will be selecting, packing, and shipping orders—in some cases, for our super-fast (2-hour or less) delivery service. Some of your duties may include: Receive and put away inventory. Get customer orders ready and pack them up.

  3. What is the job role at the at the warehouse?

    What are the duties and responsibilities of a warehouse worker? A warehouse worker is responsible for varied daily tasks such as restocking shelves, accepting incoming orders, processing and packing orders, counting inventory, and ensuring orders are shipped in a timely manner.

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